Patriot Ordnance Factory P308 “Pistol”

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Patriot Ordnance Factory P308 “Pistol”

Post by usmcavenger » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:23 am

With a brand new 2 month old, it’s time for me to get rid of some toys 😫 I wish it wouldn’t have to come down to this but I’m hurting pretty bad financially. Anyways...

Im selling my prized POF P308 “pistol” chambered in .308 Winchester. This badass AR is a goddamn sledgehammer and will no doubt get any job done. It’s gas piston operated like an AK which prevents carbon build up in the chamber and results in a much more robust weapon that’ll always run when you need it to.

Barrel length is 12in which is why it’s a “Pistol”. This .308 would be the ultimate Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) project if you’re willing to pay Uncle Sam the $200 tax stamp!

This P308 comes with an extra, never been opened from the package, dust cover which says “God Bless America” on one side and the American Flag on the other. Goddamn it’s motivating! This weapon also includes the original charging handle but comes with an upgraded, ambidextrous Tomahawk charging handle already installed.

The P308 includes a set of pop up iron sights and an EOTech 512 Holographic Red Dot which is accurate as fuck!

It has POF’s Gen 4 features such as E2 Extraction Technology, ambidextrous fire controls, modular free floating rail platform, anti-tilt buffer tube, our M-LOK compatible M Rail.

I estimate firing between 400-500 rounds through this since I first bought it last spring with zero issues whatsoever. She kicks like a shotgun when using 180 grain rounds! It’s probably the most fun weapon I have.

Get it before those fucking liberals ban it!

Asking $2,200 for everything plus fabric Cabela’s guncase (not shown)

$2,000 without EOTech and just Iron Sights

Have tons of pics! Just text me at (760) 421-7338

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